Luke was born and raised in the beautiful northern suburbs of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1984 during the height of the local punk rock scene. Luke was nurtured in a loving, Mennonite home, which did not actively encourage punk rock music. He listened to this music for a brief time in his late teens, with an open heart, but a questioning mind. At this point in his life, he was not lured by the loud, radical, and rebellious sounds that were slowly fading in the Winnipeg music scene. In actuality, the fact that Luke was born in amongst a punk rock revolution had absolutely no bearing on his life.

Instead, Luke grew up listening to a handful of tapes including music from Rafi, Fred Penner, Leona Boid, and certain unmentionable albums full of German folk/drinking songs. His family encouraged his interest in music, particularly his aunt, who gave him introductory piano lessons and later lent him an old nylon string guitar. When Luke had decided his interest had switched from playing piano to playing guitar, his parents enrolled him in guitar lessons with Joel Kroeker, now an accomplished musician in Vancouver.

Luke continued to grow in his musical abilities through jamming with friends at school, and playing percussion and guitar as part of a worship-leading group at his home congregation, Douglas Mennonite Church. He also studied African hand drumming with Jordan Hanson, nurturing his passion for rhythmically intense music.

At age 14, Luke started a band with schoolmates, guitarist Jeremy Wilms, and drummer Kevin Kornelson. They enjoyed spending their weekends playing heavily distorted versions of popular rock songs through amps that were just too small. Soon however, Luke and Jeremy got bigger amps, much bigger amps, and the band began writing their own songs, creating a very heavy sound. The band underwent many name changes, including names like "Unlimited Toast", "Steel Row", "Clinically Dead", as well as "Bush XX". Sadly, the band ended in its climax, shortly after a failed recording attempt, and Jeremy and Kevin went their separate ways.

Luke has played with other bands and groups such as rap/funk/folk quartet Aaron and the Apostles, as well as the infamously hard rocking Gradstock Guys. Not to mention his active involvement in many vocal ensembles in past years, and also this year at Canadian Mennonite University. Luke participates in various worship leading groups. Luke has worked with songwriter Brian Moyer-Suederman to record a whole CD of music geared towards children. Currently, he is studying with classical guitar player Willie Wiebe, and will join the well-known Guitar Ensemble at CMU in the 2004/2005 school year.

Luke truly enjoys the act of making music with other musicians. His past collaborations have made him a versatile and adaptable musician, able to bring energy and meaning to jam sessions and performances.

Luke has traveled a lot in the last year and continues to find new inspiration for his music while traveling. Recently, he's spent time in Europe, western Canada, and Central America. Luke joined up with Ben Regier and Rick Unger in the fall of 2003. Soon after Curt Wiebe joined the band. Luke contributes a rhythmical energy to the bands sound, with his guitar and also with his bouzouki. His snarling improvised solos, and crowd-pleasing stage maneuvers make live performances a listening pleasure.

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