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Demo Songs!
It's our first demo song recorded in a real studio! Click to download the file. If you're having problems, try clicking on it with your right mouse button, and selecting "Save Target As"
What Lies Beyond / Mortal Coil Shuffle
Curtis Wiebe / Ben Regier
A-Channel's Big Breakfast Show
The WhizBang Shufflers had the great opportunity to share their songs and good looks with half of the Western World (or at least Manitoba) on April 14, 2004. We were the featured band on A-Channel's The Big Breakfast show. For those of you who don't wake up early enough to see shows that start at seven in the morning, here's some audio clips of a few of the songs we played, and a couple short interviews. You'll need an MP3 player for the songs, and RealPlayer for the rest. To see the good-looking part of this performance, check out the picture section.

By the way, the first song played was 'Sheriff's Picture Frame', which already available for download on this site, so if you want to hear it, look a little further down this page.

1. Banter 1 (1.18)
Bouzouki: Weapon of Mass Destruction?
2. Conversation's Song (4.20)
Curtis Wiebe
3. Banter 2 (1.08)
Pretty much the same as Banter 1, but with a different joke.
4. Curt And Rick Give Away A Prize (1.01)
Curt has only one line remember. Can he do it?
5. Undiscovered Country (1.21)
Ben Regier
This is only a small part of the song - we just played until the show was over.
CKUW 95.9 FM Radio Gig
The WhizBang Shufflers were featured on the "Hit the Big Wide Strum, Pal" radio show on CKUW 95.9 FM back on February 24 of 2004. They played a few songs and spent some time chatting it up with host Jenny Western.

The sound is pretty decent, considering we were crammed in a small room and only had four mics for our four instruments and four voices. It's a good way to get an idea of how we sound, if you've never heard us before.

The songs are in mp3 format for better sound quality, and the talking segments are in real audio format. You'll need a RealPlayer if you want to listen to them. You can get one here.

1. Intro (4.49)
Introductions - Musical Influences
2. Minor Swing (4.04)
Django Reinhardt - arr. WhizBang Shufflers
3. Banter 1 (1.57)
Johnny Depp - Curt's CD
4. What There Is To Find (4.34)
Curt Wiebe
5. Banter 2 (8.49)
Past and Future Gigs - Mennofolks - Faspa - Band CD - Curt's Banjo - Name Explanation
6. The Sheriff's Picture Frame (3.46)
Ben Regier
7. Banter 3 (7.56)
More on Mennofolk - Where Ya'll From? - The Story of Us - Nepotism Joke - Rick Unger Identified - Rick's Car
8. Church St. Blues (8.04)
Norman Blake - arr. WhizBang Shufflers
9. Banter 4 (0.24)
"Don't go too fast, you guys."
10. Staten Island / Showdown (4.32)
Traditional - arr. WhizBang Shufflers / Ben Regier, Greg Toews
11. Close (2.53)
Complaints - Rockin' Out - Rick Makes a Joke - Yet More Mennofolk