Happy Birthday!
A rare picture of four WhizBang Shufflers in their natural environment.
So what exactly is a WhizBang Shuffler? Scientists and philosophers alike have been asking themselves this question for centuries, but here we are in the new millennia, and there is still no sure answer.

To some people, a WhizBang Shuffler is nothing more than a small, green, plastic token worth $20 or an extra turn. To others, it's more of a large, green, stone token worth one wife or two canoes. Some people think of popping bottle rockets, zooming roman candles, and cracking black cats. Some people think of a strange, otherworldly cult clad in tie-dye doing a strange dance down the road on their way to a religious spot of some sort. Some people think of urination, but those people are crazy.

WhizBang Shufflers used to be worshiped in some small tribes for their power to entertain and energize. They were counted as the most valuable members of the community, and were often given large estates complete with servants, a hot tub, and a big screen TV. However, as time progressed, and society became less spiritual, WhizBang Shufflers have been forced to work other jobs "to pay the bills" and instead of owning large estates, they live in apartments, voluntary service unit houses, university campuses, and with their parents. We don't get hot tubs anymore, either.

Though it can be impossible to agree on a set definition of a WhizBang Shuffler, it can't be denied that without them, our world would be a duller, grayer, and quieter place. So what is a WhizBang Shuffler? No one really knows. As for me, I believe that a WhizBang Shuffler is a little man carrying an instrument, wearing a suit and a hat pulled down over his face, and walking with a strange cross-step who glows neon when you put your mouse on him.

WhizBang: One that is conspicuous for noise, speed, excellence, or startling effect.
Shuffle: 1. To execute in a perfunctory or clumsy manner.
2. To dance in a lazy nonchalant manner with sliding and tapping motions of the feet.