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The WhizBang Shufflers - Baffle the Bird of Death

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1. It's All New
Curtis Wiebe / Luke Enns
2. Sherif's Picture Frame
Ben Regier
3. Little Bird
Curtis Wiebe
4. Conversation's Song
Curtis Wiebe
5. Undiscovered Country
Ben Regier / Curtis Wiebe
6. What There Is To Find
Curtis Wiebe
7. Minor Swing
Django Reinhardt - arr. WhizBang Shufflers
8. East Virginia Blues
Trad. - arr. WhizBang Shufflers
9. Staten Island / Showdown
Trad. - arr. WhizBang Shufflers / Ben Regier, Greg Toews
10. Little Sadie
Trad. - arr. WhizBang Shufflers
11. Cherokee Shuffle
Trad. - arr. WhizBang Shufflers
12. What Lies Beyond / Mortal Coil Shuffle
Curtis Wiebe / Ben Regier
13. Dirty Water
Curtis Wiebe
14. Secret Hidden Bonus Track
Various Shufflers

Hailed as one of the most popular bands of the 22nd Century, the WhizBang Shufflers broke into the music scene in 2004, but were largely unappreciated until an explosion of popularity that hit in 2102 and hasn't let up since. Music fans and critics alike have called them "Breathtaking", "Mind-Boggling", and "The most important thing to happen to music since the invention of the G chord."

In this recently released retrospective, "The WhizBang Shufflers - Baffle the Bird of Death", their brief but brilliant musical career is fully explored and appreciated. From the hard-driving rhythms of "It's All New" to the sweet landscapes of "Undiscovered Country", this recording brings the history of this musical enigma into your homes and hearts.

A celebration, a testimony, an epitaph.

To download your copy of this album, simply click on the titles of the song. If you having problems with this, e-mail me at and I'll e-mail them straight to you. Download the songs to your hard drive and listen to them from your computer or mp3 player. If you like good old compact discs, burn the songs to a blank CD, and then click the links below to download and print out the cover and cd art. This CD is completely free, and you are encouraged to spread it around to all your friends and enemies.

Cover Art:
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A Light Between Strangers - Curtis Wiebe and Adam Carter


1. What There Is To Find
2. This Fire In Me - Listen
3. Tigers
4. Child of God - Listen
5. Conversation's Song
6. Eulogy Of Day - Listen
7. A Light Betrays You - Listen
8. And Then...
9. Angels Shall Greet Thee
10. Believe In Almost Anything - Listen
11. A Thousand Things I Cannot Name

11 original songs (9 written by Curtis Wiebe, 2 written by Adam Carter), recorded in the month of May in the year twenty-o-three in a friend's basement in Waterdown, Ontario. Featuring guitar, Banjo, Harmonica and Ukulele accompaniment. The songs generally express a thoughtfull and somewhat introspective mood, ranging from bouncy to bitter-sweet.

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Cricket in the Kitchen - Ben Regier


1. Intro
2. Pseudo Apocrypha
3. Greensleeves
4. 5 AM
5. Rusty's Lullaby - Listen
6. Over the Cuckoo's Nest/Turkey in the Straw
7. Behind the Mirror
8. When Peace Like A River
9. I Sought the Lord
10. Cricket in the Kitchen - Listen
11. Kitty Hawk - Listen
12. King of the Fairies - Listen
13. West Virginia Debut - Listen
14. Parting Ways

Cricket in the Kitchen is Ben's second album, largely written around a year-long stay in West Virginia, where Ben did voluntary service and played music with anyone he could find. The songs include original compositions, as well as some arrangements of traditional bluegrass and Celtic songs, and a few hymns. Though most of the music is centered around the dulcimer, the album also features music on the mandolin, guitar, and banjo (also played by Ben).

This album is for sale on the internet, and you can get it at

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Homestretch - Ben Regier


1. Homestretch
2. Padlock/Balleydesmond Polka #2 - Listen
3. Celtic Alleluia/How Can I Keep From Singing?
4. Planxty Ellie Murphy - Listen
5. Time Flies
6. Morning Has Broken
7. Prozac - Listen
8. Road To Lisdoonvarna - Listen

Homestretch is Ben's first album, recorded back in 1998-1999. It features many of Ben's early compositions and arrangements. This album is mostly solo hammer dulcimer music, but there are a few tracks with guitar and bass accompaniment.

This album is currently not for sale on the internet, but you can still get copies from Ben. If you'd like to buy one, please e-mail him at